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We are the child playing football in the driveway.

We are the dad who sees the game with his son or daughter on TV.

We are the mother who accompanies you to the football school or to the training field.

We are tradition, passion and identity.

Some of us born in Europe where football was born, between Italy, England and Portugal. But we are also innovation,

we are born in 2022 in the year of the world cup, in the year of women's European cup tournament,

we are born in New York because there is no city in the world like the "big apple" for inclusion and respect for diversity. In football we would call it "Fair Play".

You are all welcome to the growing NewYorkSoccerExperience Community! 

Join our guides, with more than 10 years of experience into the field of soccer you'll visit New York like NOBODY has ever done: from a football perspective. Jump into the best facilities in America that will host the next soccer world cup in 2026!

Grab a beer at the end of the night and enjoy a Pizza in football sauce during the week!

Look up and lose yourself immersed in the skyscrapers of Manhattan, with us you will see many artistic references to the most popular sport in the world: football!

Soccer is joy, fun and passion. Experience a day in New York you won't forget!



1177 Avenue of the Americas

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